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MakerSpace has kicked-off at SCMS

Thanks to Mrs. Newburger's hard work and dedication, as well as donations from the SCMS community, our new Library Makerspace kicked-off last week!!! Makerspace appeals to all SCMS students during Healthy Living in the media center.

It offers an environment for students to explore their creativity in a variety of ways.

These items have been used successfully for years with middle school students across the country. We know our Shockers will enjoy them and will be used year after year!

We are still in need of some additional new or used items to give students more opportunities to engage during Makerspace:

  • Magna Tiles

  • Osmo Game Kits

  • Perler Boards

  • Peg Boards

  • Rubik's Cubes (3x3)

  • Legos

  • Chess Sets

  • Puzzles - 500 Pieces

  • Light Bright Mini's

  • Etch-a-Sketch's

  • Paint Markers (for kindness rocks)

  • Small white paper bags (for snowflakes)


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